THRIVE Groups FAQ’s…

THRIVE Groups FAQ’s…


How do I join a group? Sign up during an open sign-up period or check “I want to know more about THRIVE Groups” on a red card, and the THRIVE Group coordinator will contact you. Also, you can click here.

What if I want to try a different group? Groups can take time to gel, so we ask that THRIVE Group members give their group at least 10 weeks to feel like home. That said, opportunities to check out different groups due to schedule changes or other circumstances are available at the start of every 10-week session.

Is there child care / something for my kids? Several THRIVE Groups have child care available.

How long are the sessions? THRIVE Groups have fall, winter and spring sessions each year, and each session lasts around 10 weeks.

How long does each meeting last? The typical THRIVE Group gathering lasts about two hours.

What will we study? THRIVE Group discussions are sermon-based. Discussion questions are provided on the back of the weekly sermon note sheet. THRIVE Group members are encouraged to review the questions before gathering.

• What if I’m a new believer and don’t know much about the Bible? THRIVE Groups are the perfect place for you! No matter where you are in your walk with the Lord or how long you have been a believer, Thrive Groups are a safe place to ask questions and grow in your relationship with the Lord.