Our Process for Connecting

Our Process for Connecting

Sunday Worship

We invite you to join us for a worship gathering, and when you come, introduce yourself and get to know someone new. If you haven’t filled out a Yellow Welcome Card yet, you can do so here or at church next Sunday. You can begin receiving emails updating you on what’s happening at Thrive and how you can get even better connected.

Meet the Leaders

We welcome you to join us for a Meet the Leaders lunch. This will be a great opportunity to enjoy a meal together while meeting the pastor, elders, and ministry team leaders. You’ll be able to ask questions about Thrive and discover more about getting connected.

Join a THRIVE Group

THRIVE Groups are where growth and life happen! This will be our primary way of “vitalizing authentic relationships.” Small groups will meet in homes throughout the community, throughout the week, and will be the hub for all the “one another” ministries we find in God’s Word. Now that THRIVE Christian Fellowship has launched, the countdown is on for the launch of THRIVE Groups! Stay tuned for more details coming soon!


Our ministry teams give you an opportunity to use the gifts and passions God has given you to build up the family at THRIVE and connect with others. As well as serving in the fellowship, we encourage each other to serve within the King George community. Click to meet our team leaders.


Reproducing servants and Equipping others to live victoriously and fruitfully are two of our important values, and this is facilitated through one-on-one discipleship. We want members of our fellowship to be available to you to help you in your journey with Christ, and we want you to be available to help others!